5 Raid jobs

Had a good few of these in for data recovery this month, one was a defcon 5 mission critical 16 disk Linux from the financial markets in London and one for the Daily Record

Lets run through them 

Thecus N16000 - 16 Disk Linux Raid-6 Ext4

I actually never got my hands on the actual unit, the customer was on the ball and sent me copies of all drives for recovery. Unusual for this to happen but it probably saved 48 hours of Imaging work. I had this beast recovered in under 12 hours. 

8 Disk G-Speed XL Thunderbolt G-Raid 

16 TB Final Cut Data recovered for a video guy , top chap. Really nice human being.  

Western digital my cloud ex4100 raid 5 nas

This was for an architect, 2 of the drives had failed so you fix and image and then rebuild. This one didn't take long 

2 disk iomega raid 0

This one was a raid 0 (span) It had been initialised and one of the seagate DM Drives had failed. It was for the Daily Record news paper in Scotland, review for this one here

Dell poweredge r710 6 disk sas raid 5 rack mounted

More examples of raid jobs here and here 

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