Hard Drives: £350 - £450 inc replacement drive with recovered data (up to 500 GB)
RAID: From £500 Call me for further details. Prices vary based on fault. 


The Process:

1. I need my hands on the drive to work out whats going on with it, I say this for all cases. For hard drives the minimum recovery cost is £350 and if it needs replacement parts i.e heads and is a more in depth job the cost could be £450. For a single disk it rarely exceeds this amount. Due to the volume of drives I get I tend to just put the data on a replacement external USB drive for convenience. Speeds the process up.  

2. I do not charge for looking at a drive, or to send back a drive once it has been diagnosed.

3. Normally drives take a few days, on occasion they do take longer for the more complicated cases. This will be communicated quickly after looking at a job. Urgent jobs can be done in a day.

4. I book all jobs into a CMS case tracking system. I take loads of pictures so I can document the job as I go. As I get many jobs from all over Europe I think its good to keep people updated with Images etc.

5. Once the job is done no data leaves my lab until I am personally happy with it, I have never charged for a job that was not a satisfactory recovery. Reviews

6. If you would like anything clarified about the process then feel free to ask on email , phone or LiveChat



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