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One from  from Colin Bashford -  Tartan Tarmac 06/09/2019

One from from Colin Bashford - Tartan Tarmac 06/09/2019

Andy has been absolutely fantastic - really friendly individual and an all round very kind, sensitive and professional service. Fixed a drive I thought was dead- thanks again for your help Andy :-)
— Gemma Lee

Thanks again, copied the drive to my home PC last night. Everything I have opened is working and present. I would also like to say I was impressed by the service provided from start to finish. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I come across who has a similar problem.


— Nick Palmer - Palmer and Company 03/03/2017

”I was attracted to Andy’s website based on the number of good reviews I read and the anecdotes about data he had recovered. Andy was very personable and reassuring over the phone and then again when I visited the shop and met him. Overall I left my hard drive with him fully confident that he would be able to retrieve my data which he did in a couple of days. Andy is clearly a highly skilled individual who charges very competitive rates and I would not hesitate to recommend him. I am very grateful to Andy as the data he recovered included photos of a trip of a lifetime to an island called Kerguelen in sub-Antarctica. I took lots of photos of wildlife while there and was very upset when my laptop and hard drive suffered the effects of a power surge and I realised I might have lost photos that are quite precious to me. Thanks again Andy
— William Paterson - University Of St Andrews 11/01/2017

Couple more pictures from this one here

Dear Andy,
Thank you for your assistance in recovering the data from my hard drive.
Working as a Clinical Animal Behaviourist with a professional expertise and interest in parrots and other companion pets (dogs, cats, rabbits), I was enthralled by the animals I saw when I recently visited Uganda. In particular, I was able to track and view the African Grey Parrot in the wild. The African Grey Parrots, both the Congo and Timneh, are now classified as endangered species, as their numbers have dwindled due to loss of habitation and poaching for the exotic pet trade. Recently, the African Grey Parrot received world-wide protection by CITES, which means that they can no longer be caught and exported. There is an urgent need to study them in the wild, so that scientists can learn more about them and thus increase their chance of survival.
During my brief visit to Uganda, my colleague and I located 4 separate flock locations, and we were able to observe first-hand what they actually eat in the wild, rather than what it was believed they eat and we were able to observe social interaction between two or more individuals. Being a keen amateur photographer, I had taken many photographs of these magnificent creatures as well as their food, their preferred sleeping, nesting and recreation locations/trees. We all know the saying that a picture is worth 1000 words. Using these photographs, I had hoped to educate the public about the caring for the Grey in the wild, and spark further interest in on-going research and eco- tourism.
I was devastated when I dropped the hard drive containing these images and I could not retrieve them.
Upon my return to Scotland, I searched for someone who could retrieve this very important data. I was given your contact details by another computer expert, who said if anyone can do it that it would be Andy. With trepidation, I set off to meet you and hand over the broken hard drive. You understood the importance of this data—not only to me, but also for the welfare of African Grey Parrots in the wild. Despite the fact that it was late on a Friday, you worked on the hard drive and by 9pm that evening you e-mailed me to say that you had done it....! My data were recovered.
I cannot explain adequately how emotional I felt when I viewed those images for the first time or my gratitude to you, you who has played an important role in ensuring the survival of the African Grey Parrot in the wild.
With very best regards,
— Elaine Henley P.G.Dip CABC 13/12/2016

You can see what went into the parrot recovery in my latest job page

When my Mac failed (beyond repair) my main concern was the recovery of data from the hard drive. My first port of call was the Databusters web site and I had high expectations from that point. Not only was the web site easy to navigate, simple and clean, it managed to convey a sense of how Andy approaches his business – acute attention to customer care including regular updates on progress. 100% of my data was recovered and returned to me within a couple of days. Value for money and would not hesitate to recommend
— Audrey Cumberford Principal & Chief Executive. West College Scotland 07/09/2016

I had an external drive which had completely given up the ghost. My own IT department had made an attempt to restore with no joy. Years worth of work had been lost. Sent it out to Andy with not much hope of retrieving anything. He worked on it over a period a couple of weeks giving regular progress updates. Amazingly he restored virtually everything. Man’s a genius!

— Bill Sullivan – Daily Record and Sunday Mail Head of Creative. 19/07/2016

Databusters did a fantastic job for me. Andy took my call at 9pm in the evening and offered to work through the night on my drive which I needed for an urgent deadline on music for a BBC comedy series. I sent the drive through to Glasgow by taxi and the data I needed came back to me by taxi early the next morning. Andy then followed this up and sent on the rest of the data on another clean HD. I can’t recommend this service more highly!
— Jim Sutherland - Composer, producer and artistic director

“Andy successfully recovered my data from my MacBook hard drive and got me back up and running. Rather a distressing time for people but Andy’s style and commitment gave me confidence that my data was in good hands. He,without doubt, offers a great highly skilled service at value for money prices and I’d have no hesitation in recommending Andy.”
— Alan Milby 13/05/2016

After a total failure of my Laptop PC my in-house IT team told me that all my data was unrecoverable and lost. I contacted Andy at Databusters, he assured me that he should be able to recover at least some of it. After a few days he called me with the good news that he had recovered not some of it but 100% of it. His service was efficient and utterly professional
— Alan Wilkinson, Scottish Power

Our 500GB External Hard Drive failed and we were told that no help was available through our internal IT support. At that point all of the data was lost. The data included sequential back up from 4 workstations and 3 network drives. The most important of our losses was around 22,700 photos of our high tower radio structures from our 400 sites across the UK. We were in the middle of rearranging our network drive photo location and only around 1500 of the most recent were still available. Luckily the team found Databusters Data Recovery within a couple of miles of our Glasgow office and within days the data, and the photos, were recovered and available to the team. It would be difficult to calculate time to replace the lost photos, but would probably take several years. Without recent photos, the cost implications are that the team would need to visit sites to confirm installations and/or available space on our structures for our customers causing delays in delivery of service. Also, a single site visit would likely cost around £300. Saving to our team, easily in excess of £5000 If you lose an internal/external hard drive, Contact : Andy Watson 0141 237 1008 So far Andy has recovered all of the data with the exception of 6 photos. Rather remarkable
— Stewart Mardle Senior Towers & Rigging Policy Manager BT Technology Service and Operations

We recently had a situation where one of our RAID Storage failed that contained some very critical data. After already failing to recoup the data from another data recovery supplier, we feared the worst. I saw an article in a Daily Record newspaper about Databusters, so thought I’d give it one last try. After speaking with Andy and visiting his office, he talked me through how he’d go about recovering the data. Not particularly invigorating, but it did instil me with the confidence that he knew what he was talking about and that maybe there was a chance my data would be recovered. 2 days later I received an email advising that all my data was available. Excellent, cost effective & friendly service. Highly recommended
— Scott Kilday MJM International

One of our important customers, Highland Spring had a complete failure of one of their main bottling machines causing the entire production line to be put to a stop..this amounted to 25% of their entire production output. The machine is over twelve years old and the customer had no backup of the installed software. We contacted Andy Watson, the faulty drive was dropped off, recovered and transferred onto a replacement drive. The machine was up and in production within 12 hours. We and Highland spring are grateful for the outstanding service provided and also the speed of the repair for this critical machine. Many thanks
— David Denholm Industrial Solutions,Bellshill

My brother in laws drive was accidentally dropped..........he lives in Perth, Australia! Rather than entrust his data with an unknown local company he shipped the drive over to Databusters 10,000 miles away. The result was all files recovered after Andy rebuilt the drive. Great Job & excellent service! Thanks
— Billy Hunter, NHS I.T Security officer

On a Wednesday afternoon my hard drive crashed - I was devastated - a whole years worth of accounts and hoards of valuable work documents lost - or so i thought! I was advised to contact Andy at Databusters through a friend/work colleague who uses his services all the time. I had the hard drive dropped off on Thursday morning and was able to collect within 24 hours and be told that all my data was recovered, What a relief! Andy - you are a life saver :) Not only that but he then assisted me over the phone on reloading my data back onto sage accounts as i discovered Ididnt have sage technical support and was unsure what to do. I called him at 4.50pm on Friday afternoon, half expecting to be told to call back on Monday, however, he stayed on for over an hour to help me and reloaded my data back on to Sage. I can’t thank you enough, and I have no hesitation in recommending your services... in fact I already have. Fast, professional and top class Customer Service. Be sure to pop in for a free Ice Cream the next time you are visiting Largs :)
— Thanks again on behalf of Nardini's - Gillian McGarry, Office Manager'

I have used “Databusters” on several occasions and found the service to be friendly, straightforward and economical
— Ian Arthur. Data/IT Manager of a department within the MOD/RN

Databusters provide a quick and efficient service and I would recommend them to anyone who has data problems
— Brian Black IT Manager Dept of Geographical & Earth Sciences Glasgow University

We recently suffered a hard disk failure on one of our finance computers which stored all the Payroll Data. I phoned Databusters and Andy told us he would try and retrieve the lost data from the corrupted disk. He worked relentlessly on this and even contacted the software company we used for payroll when all the data could not be recovered to find out how to extract some of the missing files. Andy came over to our office twice to restore the data and thankfully we now have everything back in working order. I can’t thank Databusters enough and would recommend them to anyone who finds themselves with corrupted files or disks I found Databusters friendly, affordable and very knowledgeable. Most other companies were down in England and meant using carriers to take the data. Having someone quite local to Renfrewshire was an added bonus and he kept us informed by phone on his progress. I would recommend them to anyone who suffered the same problem as us – A great big thanks
— Sheila Connery Corporate Service Manager Renfrewshire Council for Voluntary Services

After the disaster of losing almost a Terrabyte of video footage from an external hard drive Andy at Databusters took our case on board and recovered our files in record time. We were reassured by his personal service and expertise
— Patrick Stutt, Live director (Macmillan Media/ GMTV Scotland

I recently had my hard drive crash. Andy at Databusters was wonderful and retrieved all my folders very fast. This after the technical experts were I had my warranty assured me that all the data were lost and that no files can be retrieved. I can whole heartily recommend Databusters for the professional and fast service they provide
— Dr Goultchira Chakirova The University of Edinburgh

Dear Andy, Karen Slater has told me about the wonderful service you provided when her Apple laptop was damaged. The success you had in retrieving a lot of the information saved Karen a huge amount of time and effort that would have been involved if you hadn’t been able to salvage the situation. Karen has also praised your company for the very reasonable charges involved which will make your shop the first point of contact should she have any further trouble
— Susan Rose , Marketing Director Slaters

We got in touch with Andy after one of our servers had a major failure. Andy recovered the data on the drive, and returned it within 24 hours. A fantastic service that helped get our systems up and running in no time” Thanks very much for your help
— Scott Miller I.T Manager Barrhead Travel Glasgow

Thanks for your assistance last week, the service was terrific
— Ron Russell IS Service Delivery Manager FirstGroup

As a Professional Photographer of many years.using Digital Format,I was accustomed to experiencing the occasional glitch with memory Cards. Thankfully I was always able to resolve these minor faults by using proprietary image rescue software.However,for the first time in my long career, I experienced a critical failure on an 8gb Memory card. It was impossible to see the Card using my card reader and as a result,my image rescue software was rendered useless,as the card’s data was completely inaccessible.As the data contained on the disc was critical,I explored the option of Data Retrieval. I looked on the net and was surprised to see a local Data Retrieval Service in the centre of Glasgow. I knew from experience,that data retrieval was normally quite expensive and didn’t always result in retrieving all of the lost data. Nevertheless,I went into Databusters and met with Andy. He was both Professional and reassuring and I felt certain that he would do his very best.Andy contacted me shortly afterwards, to notify me that he was successful in accessing the card and was able to retrieve all of the valuable data from the memory card. The cost for this service was very reasonable and considerably less than you would expect to pay in many other data retrieval companies. I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Databusters to any other Professional Photographers,or indeed to anyone who has lost valuable images through memory card failure
— Stephen Hosey LBIPP Professional Photographer Glasgow City Council

We recently suffered a RAID server hard drive failure with a significant “essential” volume of data on it. After contacting Andy he took just 3 days to recover the 1.5TB of data that we badly needed. I found Databusters very efficient and very affordable. I would recommend them to anyone
— Ian Turley Depute ICT Manager James Watt College

One of our company PC’s was knocked over and the Hard Drive was inaccessible. I took it along to Databusters and within two days we had all our files recovered. We had a lot of important information on that drive and by getting it back so quickly saved us weeks of work. We couldn’t be happier with the service quick and friendly we couldn’t ask for much more. Highly recommend
— Scott Wilson MCE Scotland Ltd

Hi Andy, Once again, thanks for the excellent and speedy recovery of our systems following a catastrophic drive failure on Wednesday morning. Still can’t believe after we drove the faulty hard drive to you mid afternoon from Durham, we had the most important files off the drive by 11pm, and a full image of the drive installed back into the PC by 1pm Thursday! Best part..... replacement drive just required plugging in, system booted straight back up with no further work required! Saved us hundreds of hours of work re-inputting our booking diary from paper backups! We will be recommending you to anyone I hear needs data recovering.
— Kind Regards, Andrew Goodchild Stanley Travel (North East) Ltd, Bus Station, Stanley, County Durham.

Recently one of our laptops crashed and after investigating and finding the data hadn’t been backed up, we contacted Andy at Databusters for assistance. The service received was excellent and proved invaluable when the data was fully recovered, much of which was irreplaceable and of key importance to the business
— Mark Buchan Regional Director MITIE Technical Facilities Management

Hello Andy, Just wanted to let you know that I received the drive today. Was very impressed at how quick it got here. All the lost files were there as you detailed in your updates. Am extremely satisfied with your work and the manner in which you undertook this job. I had quotes here in France to repair the drive but felt somewhat dubious with what they would do and whether they could accomplish it. I then searched on google and found your company and called you. You reassured me, gave me impartial advice and the price you quoted resembled exactly the final bill. I work at the main airport in France and shall definitely recommend your brilliant Scottish company to colleagues and airlines in my building. Thanks again and all the best.
— Krgds F. Panglose 13/09/2014

We recently had a portable eSata drive that completely failed. We called Databusters and Andy had a look and gave a cost estimate the same day. 500Gb of data was recovered and delivered within a few days so, considering parts had to be ordered in, I was more than impressed! I would recommend Databusters to all - excellent communication with a fast and efficient local service at a reasonable price!
— Jared Benjamin Production Manager/Visualisation Specialist Glasgow School of Art

We use fundraising videos a lot at Maggie’s and it was a panic when I plugged in the hard drive that I use to store all of our videos, to find it was dead. Our IT department couldn’t retrieve any data from it, and as well as needing all the completed videos that were on it, I urgently needed to access it to finish editing a video. Fortunately they sent me to Andy who was not only able to retrieve everything for me in it’s original format, but he worked on it over the weekend so I could meet my deadline. Andy is great at what he does and is very responsive and understanding of the urgent problems this type of computer failure can cause. I would recommend him to anyone
— Anna Marriott Maggie’s Media Manager

Dear Andy, All the data is back. (and now being backed up!!) I must say that I was fairly skeptical of the data recovery business, having received some wildly fluctuating quotes, and reading some worrying stories of people being ripped off. Yours was amongst the most competitive quotes, and you have done just what you said you would. Thanks for your good work.
— Graham Snowden - Estavar, France.

I cannot recommend the services of Databusters highly enough. After losing six months of critical business data, I was quoted £6500 by one of the ‘big names’ in the data recovery business to solve the problem. I took the disk to Andy who worked tirelessly late into the night and gave me back everything I had lost the following morning for a fraction of the cost. Superb service and a spectacular result at an incredibly fair price. It really doesn’t get much better than that, does it?
— Douglas Gillespie Exclusive agent for The Red Hot Chilli Pipers

All work done for our company has been excellent. No hesitation in recommending
— E Macnaughton - Financial Director- Shields Automotive Ltd

I contacted Andy in extremely stressful circumstances on a Friday after a double hard disk failure. From his initial calming reassurances through to final complete data recovery, Andy worked tirelessly on it, including over the weekend. He was professional, efficient and explained everything in plain English. I would highly recommend his services to anyone
— Ronnie Gilchrist IT Manager Hirst Landscape Architects Glasgow

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