Watch the 'Hard Drive in Space Video' !! πŸŽ₯🎞🌎🎈

andy ki dan euan

My pal Euan Lawrence needs all the credit for this idea.Β He turned up at my place one day and just said "we need to send a hard drive into space." After I stopped laughing I went online and ordered a high altitude weather balloon and a ton of helium.Β 

My Girlfriend Karolina helped with marketing of the balloon launch

This did not happen over night, it actually took 2 attempts, but the second time was the one that worked perfectly and this is the final video.Β Legend Dan BellΒ put it all together.Β 

This went out last year on my Facebook page and even Western Digital and The Daily RecordΒ liked it.

You need to turn the Volume for this video πŸ”ŠEnjoy and share it if you like it

western digital facebook post

Daily record space balloon