Recovering pictures of endangered Parrots

Elaine Henley called me last friday and asked me to stay open as she was coming to see me with a faulty hard drive.  

When she arrived she explained that she was an animal behaviour specialist and that she had been in Uganda trying to locate wild populations of African Grey Parrots. She went on to explain that the faulty HGST 500GB hard drive had the only known pictures of these animals mating, and that this had never been witnessed before in the wild. The significance of these images were very important for the conservation of these birds as this proves the location of their social behaviour.

Here is a step by step of the Recovery, the problem with this drive was that it was 'Buzzing'. The heads were stuck in the ramp after being dropped. 

Elaine was kind enough to provide some recovered Images for the purposes of this post and a review

You can follow the great work Elaine is doing using these links:


Ok, this video was the drive as it came in, "buzzing" or "beeping" means that the disks inside are not spinning or being prevented by stuck heads. 

Ok, the drives spins up nice and it gives me positive indication that all is well with the world, top left of this image you can see the model and serial. However the red , yellow and black are indicators that we have damage to the disk. Green is good, everything else is bad. I will need to modify the settings on this one. As it is at the moment we have corruption. 

An error log of the damaged files, the files listed above are the important pictures. This is not good news!  

These are the images I need, and they are corrupt. They sit on areas of the disk that are damaged. What are the chances? 

Time for some data recovery tricks, the above screenshots are settings that I have available to modify how long the drive will read a specific sector for. Its called timeout settings, by changing this from 1000ms too 5000ms I am giving the data recovery machine (PC3000) permission to read a sector for longer. Hopefully by doing this we can get more data and the images we need.  

This worked and the sectors that were previously unread are now green and healthy. This will be a good result!

The images that were previously corrupt are now completely recovered, don't tell anyone but that was a close one. Victory selfie with Elaine :) 

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