Recovered pictures from Antarctica

Email I got last night after data recovery on a toshiba laptop drive, its good to share these stories..

Hi Andy,

Here are just a few of the more eye catching photos (at least in my eyes) I took from my trip to Kerguelen in sub-Antarctica last year. The penguins are king penguins. The dirty seal lying in the muddy sand is a sub-adult male elephant seal. He is moulting and losing a lot of skin. The other animal is an adult male Antarctic fur seal. I am a PhD student at the University of St. Andrews studying the physiology of seals. The main reason I wanted the data retrieved was to get the photos of a trip to Kerguelen in sub-Antarctica. It is likely that I will never go back to Kerguelen again given the expense and logistics of getting there. The photos you retrieved were therefore very precious to me.

I appreciate all your reassurance and help Andy.


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