Internal Hard Drives

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Internal Hard Drive Data Recovery

If you are looking for data recovery on your hard drive then I will speed this up..

I can do full lab based cleanroom Data Recovery on the following hard drive brands. 

  • Western Digital

  • Seagate

  • Hitachi

  • Fujitsu

  • Samsung

  • Maxtor

  • Toshiba

These come in a few forms

  • 3.5 (Desktop)

  • 2.5 (Laptop)

  • SATA (most common)

  • IDE

  • SAS (mostly found in Servers, RAID and enterprise storage)



  • Beeping Hard Drive

    When a hard drive starts beeping, 1 of 2 things have happened. Either it has been dropped or bashed or unplugged while reading/writing, the heads dont have the inertia to return to the ramp properly and get stuck. The video below and image are an accurate representation. These are common faults that I recover data from regularly.

beeping hard drive

Here we see the heads on a western digital hard drive that came in for data recovery. This one has been dropped and is the same drive as in the video. Blog post for this one here

  • Replacing Heads

Checking the head and sliders on a 5400.6 Seagate

Checking the head and sliders on a 5400.6 Seagate

This is what data recovery is basically all about..heads. These are the things that read the data. Due to age, wear and tear, heat and physical damage they tend to fail and can be recognised by a faint or loud click depending on manufacture. Drives should never be opened up by someone that does not know what they are doing and the process for changing these is very specialised.

2TB Western Digital getting ready for a head swap

2TB Western Digital getting ready for a head swap

  • Platter Swap

Contrary to popular belief you don't just "take the platters out". This is a last resort and only when 1. The whole case is twisted or 2. The spindle has seized or motor does not turn. You never just do this for a laugh. Blog post on this type of recovery here 

Seagate Platter swap

Seagate Platter swap

  • Bad Sectors


Most computer guys have heard of this one and its usually the first sign that a drive is about to fail, a couple bad sectors in the right place can stop a drive from working. For a nice full precise data recovery from hard drives with bad sectors you need special equipment and the knowledge on how to use it or you can cause data loss.

Here is a short video of me clearing up a drive with bad sectors for a nice full recovery on a Seagate ST1000DM003 part of a RAID Storage.

  • Service Area (SA)

Think of the service area on a modern hard drive as the keys to your car, if you loose your keys you cant start the car. This is the same with hard drives, the SA is a bit of code called (adaptives) that give the drive instructions on how to work. Without this the drive just will not function. There are a few ways round these problems and all require very expensive equipment and tremendous skill to fix. 

  • PCB + Power Problems

If a hard drive does absolutely nothing then the PCB on the back is probably fried, sometimes they go on their own or sometimes it is because the wrong power supply has been attached. For portable drives the USB connector can sometimes get damaged. You need to know what your doing (especially with western digital) but these are usually straight forward.


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